Beginners Tae Kwon Do Lesson

ages 4-5

Our Tiny Tigers age group is our youngest crew… and they’ve got the most potential!

There’s no better time than this preschool age to start instilling our 5 Values:

  • Focus

  • Discipline

  • Respect

  • Self Control

  • Courtesy

Our Tiny Tigers classes are 30 minute, fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational. Kids love kicking and punching and parents love their kids learning and growing in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.


Classes include exciting, hi-energy drills that are designed to develop important life skills. Classes gradually become more challenging based on individual readiness that builds over time. All martial arts training build self-confidence and self-esteem that translates into improved academics, sports, arts and social settings outside the gym. The format is based in the simplicity of Tae Kwon Do so kids can feel accomplished by earning new belts and stripes as they advance. 

Our classes are limited to just 10 participants. So start your child's journey today but trying trying a 2 class pass for just $19.95.