July 6th to July 31st

(early bird promotion)

Why would you send your child to a run of the mill summer camp with hundreds of kids and where all the counselors are high school kids who spend half the time on social media when you can take your child this summer to a quality specialized camp where they can learn discipline, self defense, improve their self esteem while having the time of their life.

We are not your typical summer camp.

We at Modern Martial Arts & Fitness pride ourselves on providing quality service in a small group setting. Our summer camp limit is just 15 specially chosen kids whose parents want them to actually learn new disciplines. During the our four week camp your child will:

Summer Camp Dates

Monday July 6th to Friday July 31st

Our half day (9 am to 1 pm)

$149 per week or prepay for the month and save 10%

Our full day (9 am to 5 pm)

$189 per week or prepay for the month and save 10%

Early Drop off (8 am) or Late Pickup (6 pm)

$10 per day

Field Trips are extra and include tickets and transportation


Children must bring their own lunch and snacks


Drinks are available in lobby


Free Friday Pizza Day included


$30 non refundable deposit is required in advance

in order to reserve your spot since we are limiting the size of the camp


$70 non refundable registration fee once membership is approved


10% discount if four week camp is paid in full in advance

(Half Day $536 or Full Day $680)


Camp payment is due at the beginning of the week or in advance

(We accept online payments only)


Due to the mix of ages and your child's safety the child's age must be between 7 to 10


 Since we believe in safety especially during this Covid-19 pandemic everyone must follow our procedures every day. You can read about our new procedures at this link



A valid Florida ID and signature is required to add to child to drop off and pick up list so only those on the list can take your child. An application must be filled out in advance of June 20 in order to qualify.

You can pay your $30 non-refundable deposit

to guarantee your child's place on the list

ages 7 to 10 only