“What I like about the class are the self defense techniques which makes me feel like I can protect myself and protect the people around me. I also like the exercise because before I had nothing to motivate me to exercise and this class is really helping”….. Zoe (Krav Maga)


“I am very happy with the Muay Thai class. My kids like it a lot. They are coming along at a pace that they really enjoy a lot and are learning a lot. “………..Bryan (Kid’s Kickboxing)

“There’s nothing I don’t like about the Krav Maga class. I like that Thursday class is more technical and Saturdays its more of a workout. I feel that it’s a good balance.”……..Bryan (Krav Maga)

“The reason why I love this class so much is because I’ve also wanted to take martial arts class. As a kid I’ve have been bullied a couple of times and this class really helps me.  There is nothing I don’t like about this class and everything in this class is very essential and it’s a big part of my life right now………..Stephanie (Krav Maga)

“The best part of the class is that I never realized how much I can really do. I’m not exactly physically fit but this class motivates me to be better..I never thought I was strong enough or fast enough and the class motivates me to always do better. I would likie to get my black belt and go to the Krav Maga camps……Christine (Krav Maga)

“What I like about the class is that it’s very realistic and I’ve done a lot of other martial arts in my life but this is very down to earth and actually learn to defend myself and the people I love…………Thomas (Krav Maga)


“What I like about the class is that it’s great exercise and I love that my kid comes with me.  After every class I’m glad I came here……….Ralph (Krav Maga and Kid’s Kickboxing)




"This place is great!!! The ambience in this place is different, it feels very familiar and welcoming.
Joe is a very dedicated professor, he's very motivating and he really cares about his students!
They offer several ways to improve your health and your fitness at affordable prices! 
Honestly, I couldn't be happier with my decision of joining this place! A+!!!"......Dan A.

“I’ve been looking for a good place to learn Krav Maga for some time now and finally found it. Joe is a great teacher. Understanding today’s challenges he uses his knowledge of martial arts and Krav Maga to teach us how to defend ourselve, how to use technics that can be useful in real life. It is a good exercise in a friendly environment”……Thomas C.

“I have have studied martial arts for 9 years. Joe Chao’s krav Maga training is practical and to the point. You learn multiple techiniques in the very first class! Never learned to disarm a gun from someone in 9 years of Kung Fu. learned it in 1 hour with Joe Chao. I highly recommend this class for all. I would also say that Krav Maga compliments any martial art you may already practice”……Ryan R.

“I took Mr. Chao’s classes last summer and fall and I have to tell you he makes the classes both entertaining and useful. He works you out but doesn’t burn you out. You can see the practicality of every technique he teaches. There’s no unflattering oversized pajamas or yes sir no sir BS. He treats everyone like an adult and doesn’t ever talk down to them. If you’re looking for Mr. Miyagi don’t bother his style is more like that of a personal trainer. No two classes are the same so you never get bored. Unfotunately I had to stop due to work hour shift but my son still takes his Kis Kickboxing classes and loves it so much he left his other martial arts school. What does he say about it? He loves the fact you get to hit pads and heavy bags and that there’s no katas to learn. Plus he gets to wear a cool black unifmorm. Give it a try and you just may get hooked”………Michelle C.

“Instructor Joe has taken Martial Arts and made it a sport that anyone at any age can do. The Modern Martial Arts and Fitness class is a great way to build confidence and get a great workout too. The class is truly fun and motivating and I think everyone should give it a try. Amazing class with an amazing instructor”……Christine T.

“Both my daughters have been taking classes with Jose since the Fall and both really enjoy the program.  It has given them confidence and improved their physical fitness a lot.  The nice thing about the MMAF is that there is no pressure to compete and the focus really is on useful skills, fitness and fun. Jose is a really enthusiastic and positive teacher, which is not always the case for martial arts instructors.  We are so happy to have found this program…….. Wendy

I love this place for the whole family. I take Kickboxing & Strong by Zumba in the morning while my son goes to the Tiny Tigers class in the afternoon. I love the workouts, Instructor Joe & Ana are both amazing instructors and their classes compliment each other. 
Joe is really good with kids too and besides workouts he teaches them basics about respect, discipline and focus. I had been looking for a place like this for awhile and glad we finally have it in our neighborhood. I highly recommend it!!........Sonila

As a family we love this place. Our children are so happy going there for their muay thai classes. We have both a boy and a girl and they are equally enthusiastic about coming to classes. Being part of this family and watching your children grow and thrive here is just amazing and instructor  Joe Chao is so invested in all his kids. This has been life changing for our kids and we can only recommend every family to bring their kids to classes here........Betina




 Awesome school! My son loves it. Keeps the kids very engaged and having fun while learning self defense, building confidence and life skills. - Daniel


 As a family we love this place. Our children are so happy going there for their muay thai classes. We have both a boy and a girl and they are equally enthusiastic about coming to classes. Being part of this family and watching your children grow and thrive here is just amazing and instructor Joe Chao is so invested in all his kids. This has been life changing for our kids and we can only recommend every family to bring their kids to classes here. - Betina


 My son just started the kick boxing class and he's excited about going here, The Owner is really cool and gets the job done. Mr Chao is really good with the kids - Kay


 Awesome place and great instructor for children's martial arts...Place to grow and discover the talents within. - Monte


 I've been a student for a few months now and I love it. The techniques are taught in such a way that they are easy to follow and they are effective. The instructor, as well as the students, are very welcoming and respectful. Very positive place to learn. –Laura


 Wow! this is an awesome place; the owner run great programs. They have something for the whole family. Kids martial arts, adult martial arts, and an awesome extreme program. Check them out! I do recommend it. Instructor Joe has done incredible job training my kids from being bullied at school with his bully prevention classes I do recommend them for your kids. My kids now feel more confident and strong. Also awesome place for adults to lose weight and building strength. They also have Yoga classes that are great too. – Armando 



 Great workouts and you learn practical self-defense techniques. The instructor is genuinely interested in making sure his students learn.  – Julian


Muy instructivo, en 3 meses he aprendido cosas q no sabia, hay atención personal, buen grupo de personas , ha mejorado mi cardio, el instructor tiene una actitud profesional y tiene conocimiento y es serio no falta y esta enfocado en enseñar y atiende a cada persona  – Amilcar


My son just started the kick boxing class and he's excited about going here, The Owner is really cool and gets the job done. Mr Chao is really good with the kids - Kay St. Vil


 This school is a wonderful addition to our community. The kids have fun, learn respect, discipline and self defense. The students are warm and welcoming to all new comers. The instructor and owner Joe Chao is a wonderful person and martial arts enthusiast. I highly recommend this Martial Arts School and Fitness Studio in Miami Shores.- Adam


 My son loves Muay Thai Kickboxing and Kru, as the kids fondly call him, is the best teacher. His studio is comfortable and clean and conveniently Iocated in Miami Shores. Kru makes it fun for the kids but also teaches discipline and the value of hard work. It's a great after school sport for both girls and boys. I highly recommend Modern Martial Arts & Fitness! - Alexandra


I started the morning kickbox class this week. Went M,W,F and it kicked my butt. Loved it! I can see the muscle gain and weight loss. Thanks for making me push myself Joe! - Rodney


Great school and great teacher!! Kru makes the best experience possible for kids while teaching them discipline, self respect and techniques. Highly recommended to any parent !! - Eduardo S.

Great workout and self defense classes. Instructors are knowledgeable, motivate you to do your best, but have great patience with the newbies. Highly recommend. - Chari P


I’m addicted to those Muay Thai classes! I feel much more stronger and confident than ever! It’s the perfect workout, I’m getting in shape and learning to protect myself! Love it! - Joanna S


Great people and atmosphere. Family vibe. Like the range of martial arts classes. Good exercise.- Ian


My kids love their tiny tigers class! Kru is awesome, my boys absolutely love him. They are excellent with kids. This class helped my son with his confidence!! He’s not shy anymore. I highly recommend this class! - Gehan C.


I enrolled my daughters (9 and 12 years old) in January, and they love their Muay Thai classes. Instructor Joe's coaching goes beyond the basics of the sport. He also gives them foundation for discipline and respect. I recently joined myself the Muay Thai adult class. The focus is on technique, repetition (to build muscle memory), and sparring. But above all, it is the fantastic family-friendly environment that makes this gym unique. - Lydia Mellina-Leroi


I started the Personal Training Program 5 Months ago and I've lost almost 17 lb! I feel much better with energy and more confident. I've tried before several Gyms but I always quit after a few weeks. With Joe it's never boring and even addictive! I recommend it for everyone, all ages and especially, when you do, like me, a little "middle-age-crisis" after 2 babies ;) - Emmanuelle Bernard

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Our son has attended Modern Martial arts for the last 2 months. He is stronger and more confident already! Joe is fantastic with the children, he encourages the kids to respect one another & their parents! It's an amazing program! - Lisa M.


Great workout with a family environment. Both parents and their children can build confidence and discipline. Prices are wallet friendly. - Alasia


Amazing classes and amazing instructor! I have learned so much over the past four months thanks to Joe and I do not see myself doing anything else but Muay Thai and Krav Maga. Great teaching and fantastic atmosphere - highly recommend it! - Melissa R.


My son just started in December 2016 and loves it. He goes there 3x a week and always comes home delighted. Joe's speech at the end of the class is an added bonus towards educating your child against bullying and acquiring a strong self confidence. We strongly recommend his class. - Carole T.


I joined Modern Martial Arts for krav maga a couple of months ago. I took a free class first and also visited a couple of other places in the area for a free class before I decided to go with Modern Martial Arts and Joe Chao. What stood out to me about his classes and gym is that everything seemed very well organized plus and everyone seemed to be having fun at the same time as learning. Joe is a very knowledgeable instructor, approachable and fun. If you're looking to get into any of the classes he offers I would highly recommend his place. - Tamara O.

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A year ago I would not have thought I would be so involved in Martial Arts let alone a Muay Thai coach today. Unexpected events/ occurrences led me to check out Modern Martial Arts. After experiencing my first class there was no way I was leaving there without signing up. After many months I can honestly say there is no greater feeling in the world than having real confidence and focus in yourself. Anything & everything is possible with hard work and dedication & I encourage everyone to try out what intrigues you. Thank you Modern Martial Arts, and Joe for his incredible teaching style & skill set Joanna, Amatista for always encouraging me. Maria for your time training me and for your sparring, constant support & encouragement (& side convos lol) - Erika K. 

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My youngest child (3 y/o) started attending Modern Martial Arts & Fitness' Little Tigers Program back in January and we couldn't be happier with that. He asks me everyday if it's Muay Thai day. Instructor Joe Chao has a well seasoned background w/years of experience competing/training. He's extremely patient and understanding and at the same time firm with the kids. The facility is very clean and the whole staff is super friendly. If you are looking for a great martial arts studio for your child (and for you!), I highly recommend Modern Martial Arts without a shadow of a doubt. - Francesca