Why Taekwondo is awesome for you

Taekwondo is defensive in nature; you use your body — the feet and fists — to calm down fights and "build a more peaceful world. However, this mission is only one of the many advantages of a regular Taekwondo practice. You'll also experience improved fitness, discipline and concentration. Building Fitness A typical Taekwondo class involves dynamic punching and kicking drills, blocks, core-strengthening exercises and stretches. You'll build stamina and strength through such active movements. For younger children, learning and practicing the poomsaes — specific patterns of defense and attack movements — leads to better motor skills and body control. Learning Respect Respect and honor are tenan

Physical Education, after school activities and sports

It's a new school year but not your regular school year. With Covid-19 limiting most activities including attending school what will you do for your child? Being stuck on a small laptop all day long has become the new norm for most kids these days. Without real knowledge of Covid-19 and how it affects children, how it can spread from children to adults especially senior citizens can be real scary these days. Many families fear sending their children to school for those reasons. As a concerned parent you have to ask yourself these questions. Do you trust your child's teachers to ensure they keep their masks on and socially distance themselves from others? Will your child's school have appropr

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