Free to the public: Passport to the World of Martial Arts

Every year we team up with participating martial arts schools to offer FREE to the public a tour of the world of Martial Arts. Each day we have different Masters from different disciplines from all around the world. These classes will be held in 4 different locations so you get a chance to try out each school. They are absolutely free of charge with no gimic or requirement. You can sign up for any or all of these classes. This year we are offering 2 weeks worth of fun filled and educational enlightenment. Here are some of the styles we will be offering to anyone who is interested in participating. Atemi Ryu Jiu Jitsu & karate from Japan Muay Thai Kickboxing from Thailand Mixed Martial Arts f

Martial Arts Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Regularly practicing a martial arts discipline provides several physical and mental benefits. From a physical perspective, martial arts is ideal for individuals that are looking to lose excess body weight, increase their cardiovascular endurance, improve muscular tone, and increase their overall flexibility, coordination and balance. From the mental perspective, regularly practicing martial arts is an excellent activity for increasing discipline, mental balance and stability, and self-confidence. There are several different forms and styles of martial arts fitness and weight loss programs that can be performed to effectively lose weight. If you decide to add one of these types of physical ac

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