Stress Relief for Teens: 10 Things I Say When My Teens Are Stressed Out

The other day, I was text-talking to my college freshman when she was in between classes. She was using the time to look for shoe boots online and was sending me pictures to get my feedback. I was asking mom questions like “are they lined?” and “do they have grippy soles?” and then told her to send me the link so I could order them. A few hours later, I got a follow-up text from her that said, “I’ll send the link later.” Just. That. Just the words. My mom problem-radar, which has a 95% accuracy rate of detecting emotional distress, went into high alert, and I texted back, “Are you alright?” One second later, she replied, “No. I’m so alone. I’m so stressed out. I think it was a mistake to com

Nutella and 8 Other Foods That Contain the Controversial Ingredient Palm Oil

Palm oil, a tropical oil that quickly gained momentum in the food industry as a “healthier” replacement for trans fat-containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils or shortening, has been getting a bad rap lately — and for good reason. The use of conventional palm oil contributes to deforestation and wildlife reduction. And while some products do use sustainable palm oil that’s 100 percent RSPO certified (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), the European Food Safety Authority also suggests that palm oil may be linked to cancer given that harmful substances may form when it's processed under high temperatures. Additionally, palm oil is rich in saturated fat, and it’s important to follow th

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