Prevent the Spike - Tips for Balancing Blood Sugar this Holiday Season

Plan Ahead - Look at the menu in advance or ask the holiday host what they plan to serve. A little pre-planning will help empower you to choose food that keeps your blood sugar and energy balance. Having a mindful approach will help you balance your plate with the right amount of carb choices for improved blood sugar control. Serve Smaller Portions - Serving yourself on a smaller plate and space out the timing of meals and snacks to promote healthy blood sugar balance. Try to stay as close as possible to your normal eating schedule, while still enjoying your time spent with friends and family. Use the Plate Method - This simple trick is an easy tool anyone can use to help balance carbohydrat

Dump the Junk: How to Pack a Nutritious Lunchbox

Plus an easy-to-make nutritious recipe, perfect for picky eaters. With back-to-school season arriving, a familiar foe for many parents is also returning from summer break: school lunches. Most parents would love to send their children off to school every day with a healthy and nutritious lunch. But many are stumped about what to pack to ensure kids get the nutrients they need and that the carefully-prepared meal doesn’t get tossed for cookies and chips. Fear not. What follow are the building blocks of a healthy school lunch that, combined, will offer flavor, color, nutrition, and fun for children of all ages; some tips that will make packing school lunches less tedious for parents; and a rec

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