Healthy Back To School Snacks

It’s that time of year again… crunch time! Everyone is attempting to get into a routine for August and that includes getting organized with back to school snacks. It’s easier during the summertime to whip up something when you need it, but a bit more thought needs to go into packing healthy snacks for the school ground. Here are some store bought snacks that are healthy! It is no wonder some mom's dread the end of summer. However, ensuring healthy school snacks doesn't have to be too mind numbing. There are both amazingly healthy packaged snacks as well as some homemade snack options. Most schools are now nut free. I tried to keep these snack options nut free for any allergens. Just a quick

9 Totally Awesome Muay Thai Benefits

Muay Thai — the national sport of Thailand — is gaining more attention in the U.S. as celebs like Gina Rodriguez and Ryan Gosling give the martial art more exposure. Even though it looks like an intense, physically demanding fighting style, Muay Thai is a lot more approachable than you might think. “Your first lesson will always be different from what you see on TV or in a professional ring,” says Raquel Harris, six-time Muay Thai champion, co-owner of Striking Fitness and trainer at Hit House, New York’s first boutique Muay Thai studio. “No one is going to give you a black eye on your first day.” (Thank goodness!) She suggests starting with a beginner class that focuses on form, then talkin

Sexual Assault at College

If I only had 60-minutes to teach someone how to protect themselves, most of that effort would go into how to predict, identify and prevent violence, rather than physical solutions – firearms advocates may suggest that this time would be better spent learning how to shoot; however I would argue that even if technical proficiency could be acquired in this short time frame, along with a tactical and legal understanding of the “how and when”, to use a firearm, if the individual wasn’t able first to identify and recognize a threat, it matters little what tools they are equipped with. U.S. college women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted, than any other age group, and women who a

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