Whole-Grain Isn’t Better Than White, and More Bread Myths Busted By Science

Whether toasted, buttered, made into a sandwich or eaten plain, bread will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s the most widely consumed food on the planet, yet there is still so much to learn about this household staple. Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft CTO, food scientist and founder of The Cooking Lab, was so curious about the foodstuff that he co-authored “Modernist Bread,” a five-volume, more than 2,000-page mini-encyclopedia on the craft and science of making bread.“Through all our experiments, we found that many conventionally held beliefs about bread are just plain wrong,” says Myhrvold. Whether you’re an avid baker, a wannabe or prefer to buy your bread from your local g

The Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Michigan has three and Florida two in a list of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the U.S. produced by a security industry group using FBI crime data. Based on average rate of violent crime per 100,000 population, the top 10 most dangerous cities are: East St. Louis, Illinois Darby Borough, Pennsylvania Opa Locka, Florida Florida City, Florida Flint, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Saginaw City, Michigan College Park, Georgia Prichard, Alabama West Memphis, Arkansas The National Council for Home Safety and Security released the top 10 ranking, which is a subset of its larger report, Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America ranking. The group is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade associatio

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