A Cut Above – Multi-Purpose Survival Knives

It’s difficult to imagine a single piece of gear more closely associated with survival than the knife. Even under the most difficult of circumstances, a good cutting edge serves many purposes, and can help accomplish a multitude of necessary life-saving tasks. While there’s no such thing as a perfect blade for all occasions, it’s important to understand, and fully appreciate, that your survival may one day depend on your knife’s ability to perform well. When the stakes are this high, the knife you choose to carry better be up to the challenge. In survival there are usually no second chances. In this article we take a look at multi-purpose survival blades, and how the choices you make today m

Importance of Coordination for Kids

IMPORTANCE OF COORDINATION FOR KIDS. A child’s physical coordination will ultimately have a bearing on his skill level in sports, academic performance and even attitudes about school and education, found a report by Lori A. Smith, president of the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. That’s why it is important for kids to have structured games and activities throughout the day that present coordination exercises. With your help, your child can work on developing coordination skills that can help him throughout his life. According to Greg Silva a 7th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and author of the book “The Silva Solution” Teaching Black Belts from th

Concealed Carry Tips: How To Protect Your Spouse In Public

You’re at dinner with your wife, and you’ve just surprised her with an early anniversary gift. Her eyes light up and you think, “yep, I’ve still got it.” You leave the restaurant together, holding hands with fingers interlaced as you make your way through the parking lot. An armed man waits in the shadows, stalking you from behind when suddenly, he trains a gun on you and your wife… …“Give me your wallet and your keys!” His hands are trembling and his erratic movements make you suspect that this could be more than just a robbery. You trust your training – and your firearm – but the hand your wife is holding is your “gun hand”. As she panics and squeezes down on your hand with a viselike grip

Bagua Kung Fu: A different approach to martial arts

There is virtually no other martial art system or style, internal or external, that has combined and seamlessly integrated the whole pantheon of martial art fighting techniques in one package as effectively as bagua zhang(ba gua chang/pakua chang). In bagua zhang, you can hit a person with an open hand, a fist or a push. You can hit with your hand, head, shoulder or any other part of your body. You can punch straight ahead, in a round fashion or from every conceivable angle. You can also throw individuals without grabbing their bodies by tripping them through careful placement of your foot or by breaking their balance while controlling their arms and hands. You can use foot sweeps and leg cu

Firearms Experts Joke, “Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight”? Here Are 5 Reasons They Were Wrong

Why do you own a gun? The obvious answer is to protect yourself and those you love from an attacker who poses a lethal threat, right? But are you training the right way for the threat you’re most likely to face? Reports of real close-quarters attacks reveal that when it comes to facing an armed attacker intent on taking your life, you’re in much more danger from a knife attack than from someone armed with a gun. Don’t believe me? Here are… 5 Reasons A Knife Can Be More Dangerous Than A Gun 1. Knives Are Deadlier Yes, you read that right… According to FBI fatality stats from officers killed in a fight, 10% of those who were shot died from their wounds. But 30% of those who were attacked with

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