Five Benefits of Concealed Carry Permits

We will take a look at the 5 biggest benefits to carrying a concealed carry permit or license regardless if your state is Unrestricted, Shall Issue or May Issue for concealed carry. Unrestricted states still offer licenses for those who wish to apply, and those licenses provide advantages to firearm owners. 1. Licenses put police officers at ease Many firearm owners carry a weapon in their vehicle(s) for protection while on the roadways and around town. Get pulled over by a police officer and he or she may ask if you have a firearm in your car. Answer truthfully. In unrestricted firearm states, the police officer cannot lawfully confiscate the gun from you, but the presence of a firearm

The Definitive Guide to Children’s Nutrition

Feeding infants is quite simple. There’s a ton riding on you getting it right, of course—a developing immune system, the fact that the kid’s growing an inch a week, a permeable blood-brain barrier, synaptic pruning—but the answer is usually always “feed them more breastmilk.” Even if you can’t nurse, you’ve got formula, which, for all its limitations, is a decent proxy for breastmilk and getting better all the time. Feeding children, however, is a different ballgame altogether. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a post about children’s nutrition, so it’s long overdue. When it comes down to brass tacks, kids really are just small people. They aren’t a different species. They use the same nutri

Is Gluten Free Healthy?

So, I'm sure you've deduced at this point from my newsletters, and the fact that we are a site about the Paleo diet (which is a gluten-free diet) that we are proponents of living a gluten-free lifestyle. Beyond myself, you've probably even heard about stars like Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow touting the benefits of going gluten free. Not to mention the dozens of new products have appeared on the shelves of your local grocer. AND you’ve seen gluten-free options popping up on restaurant menus and in bakeries. With all this fanfare, you may have stopped at some point to wonder the legitimacy of going gluten free - especially with recent articles making claims that gluten free is simply ju

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