What’s the Difference Between Primal and Paleo?

Back when Primal was just getting started (around the time I was writing the first edition of The Primal Blueprint—the evolving template of my vision for the Primal Blueprint way of eating and living), a fundamental difference of opinion between paleo and Primal centered on the role of saturated fats in the diet. Loren Cordain and many within the paleo community toed the conventional line on saturated fats as the bogey that raises cholesterol and instigates heart disease, while the Primal Blueprint as I envisioned it was quick to recognize it as a neutral, stable source of fat important for energy, neurological function, hormone manufacture, and cellular structure. Paleo supporters recommend

With the right instructor, kids 6 years old and up flourish in self-defence and martial arts trainin

There are many benefits to train in martial arts for kids 6 years and older. Here are 10 of them. 1. Improves physical fitness and coordination 2. Teaches concentration, discipline and respect 3. Develops confidence In a self-defence program, children are constantly learning new skills, and each one is a little more challenging than the one before. Not everything is easy and developing these skills can take practice. But developing new skills leads to confidence and pride in one’s abilities. A good instructor is also praising children for their effort and good work which builds confidence. 4. Develops assertiveness, tenacity and determination Mastering new skills, such as physical abilities

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