Krav Maga Self Defense Classes – Fight Like a Girl

Krav, the abbreviated term for Krav Maga (contact-combat) has caught on as a widely popular woman’s self defense. Krav is a self-defense system that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from aikido, judo, boxing and wrestling, along with realistic fight training. No matter your skill level when starting out, Krav Maga teaches women to counter attacks easily and escape imminent danger as well as work through the shock of unexpected situations. According to, women ages 24 and under are especially susceptible to assaults. It’s important to educate these women on how to ward off these events if they present themselves and simply, in some cases, increase their awareness of

The Beginner's Guide to Barre

Are your friends hitting up a different kind of bar these days? Here's what to expect from the barre workout, and why you too should shed your sneakers (literally — you do it barefoot!) and give it a try. When Did Barre Get So Trendy? Wondering why these boutique studios and specialty classes are popping up all over the place? Lincoln, who opened her first studio in 2008, points to the recession as the root. "Many of us discovered during hard times that we craved smaller and more connected classes. We needed a place where we could balance our bodies and get prepared for our busy and stressful days." Tanya Becker, co-founder of Physique 57 thinks the results are the reason for the craze. "Wom

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