Martial Arts Proven Beneficial for Individuals with Autism

A recent and growing trend that has provided many benefits for children on the autism spectrum involves their engagement in karate and other martial arts. A 2010 research project conducted by the University of Wisconsin physical therapy department confirmed what parents were already reporting - in the course of learning martial arts, children with autism essentially came out of their shells and grew more socially assertive and cooperative. They exhibited better balance and motor coordination, eye contact improved and play skills were further developed. Greater self-esteem was also reported, with the added bonus of these kids being able to defend themselves, if need be. Martial arts assist ki

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I’m going to ask a question, and I want your gut response. Answer fast. What do you feed a lion? Meat. Meat is the obviously correct answer. You would feed the lion raw meat. I think even the most ardent vegan would admit that lions are supposed to eat meat. But why are they “supposed” to eat meat? How do we determine what a living thing is supposed to eat? Obviously, lions are predators. They hunt and eat prey animals in the wild. But that’s not the whole story. Lions hunt and eat animals, and they and their feline ancestors have been doing so for hundreds of thousands of years. Millions, even. That’s the key. The hunting, killing, and raw meat-eating informed the evolution of the lion over


Ever since the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released the names of the now close to 100 institutions under investigation for Title IX sexual assault violations, rape on campus has been the kind of news story that is long on horrific detail and short on clarity. The overwhelming sense is that there is a lot to be done—but no one knows quite what to do curb the high numbers of women who are sexually assaulted in this country. As Jennifer Hirsh, a Columbia University public health professor pointed out in a recent Time magazine article, “while debate rages over how to respond to sexual assault claims, there’s been an almost deafening silence around the critical issue of e

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