MEET our instructors




Instructor Joe Chao has been training and teaching martial arts and fitness since the 1980's. He has trained in 8 martial arts and is certified to teach Kid's Kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Israeli Krav Maga, Police Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter Response, Hung Gar Kung Fu and KIKBOXFIT.  He has trained around the USA as well as Asia. His classes are fun, exciting and action-packed. You can expect to train like a real fighter without getting hurt while learning reality-based self-defense.



James Murphy has been a martial arts practitioner for over 30 years with experience in various disciplines in martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido.


He holds a second-degree Black belt in Aikido and first-degree Black belt in Kendo. Aikido is a self-defense art that combines disciplines from Judo and Ju-Jitsu to develop a system that uses your opponent's strength combined with their bodies off balance to eliminate any threat of attack to the Aikido player.


​He is very excited to build up the Aikido Club with students of all levels of experience from the beginner to the advanced player who has training in other disciplines. Aikido will help build your self-confidence to handle any type of attack as well as take what experience you have already and help you to focus on the self-defense part of your martial art.

thomas joly


Thomas has been training with since we opened in 2015. He is our highest ranking Muay Thai Coach. He has also trained 6 years in Kung Fu, 3 years in Karate and 2 years in Israeli Krav Maga. He is an excellent instructor with a great sense of humor. All of the members really enjoy his classes because he pushes them hard but makes it fun. Coming from Europe he brings a continental perspective on many topics and is a joy to watch teaching. Having fun is guaranteed if you take one of his Muay Thai kickboxing classes.

noel de leon


Coach Noel has been training in martial arts for over 10 years. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a Muay Thai Coach. He has a lot of experience with children and teens. His calm demeanor and high level of kicking skills make him a great addition to our school. He is very patient and enjoys teaching. He will even stay after the class with a member to ensure they learn properly. Coach Noel is also active duty member of the National Guard so respect and self discipline are 2 qualities that his life is based around which he in turn teaches in his classes.

lazaro remond


Training and Martial arts have been part of his life for over 16 years. He's been wrestled from the age of 14 and basically never stopped. It is a sport that has followed him throughout his entire life. His has trained in many forms of wrestling styles from Southeast Asia while living and studying at University Of the Philippines as well. He is an expert in No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sambo, Freestyle Wrestling, Folk Style Wrestling and Catch Wrestling. Even his young daughters have trained throughout their life and compete in many sanctioned events.