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Our classes are for everyone.

Whether you’re an adult looking for the fun and fast way to get in shape, a kid in need of confidence, a Police Officer or a soldier looking to enhance your defensive tactics, Modern Martial Arts & Fitness is right for you.

Our Martial Arts programs provide adults and children with proven physical and mental training that will improve you in every way with intense physical conditioning, self-defense instruction, and consistency. Our training programs will boost your self-confidence and get you in fighter fit shape. 

We promise to keep you motivated with fun small group instruction, and nutritional guidance to help you reach your goals.

​Our martial arts programs consist of Kid's Kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Israeli Krav Maga self-defense and Aikido. Training in one or more of these arts can not only get you in shape but might even save you or your loved ones life some day.

Our Kid's Kickboxing class is an age-appropriate version of our Muay Thai Kickboxing class but with many perks such as anti-bullying, life skills education, academic achievement motivation, self-esteem and confidence building.  We also have a grappling class known as submission wrestling. This class for children 6 to 12 combines the take down abilities of wrestling and the submission holds of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This way your child can learn to defend themselves both upright as well as on the floor.


Our Muay Thai class is based on the actual training a professional fighter would use. So you will train like a professional fighter without getting hurt. This class is a high-intensity interval training class with fighting applications. This isn't cardio kickboxing but REAL kickboxing. Perfect for anyone who wants to train hard, get in shape and lose those unwanted pounds. 


While our Krav Maga training is the civilian version of the military self-defense used by the IDF, FBI and many paramilitary organizations and Special Forces around the world use.


For those who wish to study a less aggressive martial we offer Aikido: The Way of Harmony. Aikido's philosophy is non-confrontational and uses the attacker's energy against them by using joint manipulations, throws, and takedowns. This is perfect for those wanting a more peaceful martial art.

In addition, we also offer regular FREE workshops on many topics such as Bully Prevention, Women's Survival, Firearms Training, Takedowns & Throws, Wellness and the list goes on.

​But don't take our word for it read our reviews and schedule today.